Where To Take The Kids In Jamaica: My Top 5 Kid-Friendly Resorts

Let’s admit it, when we take a vacation with the kids, in my case, it’s a two-year-old, it’s not about us, it is about them. This is why, when you are planning a family vacation, it is best to select a resort that will have enough things to do to keep the kids busy while giving parents some downtime. Jamaica is known primarily known as a wedding and honeymoon destination. However, you would be happy to know there are incredible family resorts that have some of the best services in the Caribbean. Each resort below has outstanding programs for the Tweens and teens as well however this blog is focused on vacationing with babies and toddlers.

Beaches Resorts

Beaches is an exceptional family brand. Not just in Jamaica, but they are among the best in the Caribbean. Beaches won’t fall on your list of most affordable, but you can check all the other boxes when it comes to finding exactly what you are looking for in the perfect family vacation resort. Lazy rivers, splash pads, sporting activities, watersports programs, you name it, Beaches Resorts has it available for the kids. Their daycare is second to none. All the daycare staff are early childhood development trained and certified, so you can leave your kids in their expert hands even from the age of 0-2, which is rare. There are daily scheduled activities with different Sesame Street Charters from Baking with Cookie Monster to Sesame Street Birthday party and the Daily “Letter of the Day” for learning. Your little ones can even dance with ALL the characters during the night time shows which starts at 6:30 pm. The kids club is divided into age groups from 0-4, 4-8, 8-12 and so on, and each room is equipped with age-appropriate toys, on top of being absolutely spotless, which was very important to me having a small child. Another unique feature is the security cameras, located thru out the resort; your children are always being supervised from above. And don’t worry if your kid has a “ meltdown” as every member of staff are incredibly tolerant, friendly and patient. To top it all off, there are photographers everywhere capturing the most memorable and candid moments of your family vacation that you can purchase and take home with you. Tai’s highlight was the glass bottom boat ride where the divers brought up sea urchins and starfish and he got to touch and feels many cool things.

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Jewel Runaway Bay

I have never been to Jewel Runaway Bay personally. That is about to change very soon because, from all the reviews that I have gotten from clients and industry associates, this property is exceptional when it comes to being kid and family friendly. Let’s first start with the fact that from 0-5 years old you don’t even have to pay for your child. A free vacation wins all the time. From the pictures and videos I have seen of their waterpark, I am excited not just for my son to experience it, but I will be enjoying it thoroughly myself. There 5 programs available for Kids, ranging from infant to teen that provides both entertainment and education for the little ones. I also have to mention how affordable their Nanny Program is at only $7 per hour for up to 2 kids and only an additional $3 per hour for every additional child. The location of the Resort also provides a big bonus as it is located in Runaway Bay, which is only 15 minutes away from attractions such as Dunn’s River Falls, Dolphins Cove and the Jamaican Bobsled at Mystic Mountain. I will be visiting this resort sometime within the next few months, and I will definitely be providing a Full Review. However, I think have heard and read enough to justify Jewel Runaway Bay being number two on my list.

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Royalton Whitesands

The resort that was there before it was taken over by Royalton, Starfish Trelawny, was a popular family property in Jamaica before it got really rundown. During the renovation, Royalton made sure they did not lose that crowd by significantly upgrading the kids' facilities and though the name has changed, and the management is new, this property is still one of the most kid-friendly properties available on the island. What I LOVE about this resort the most, is that I don’t feel as a parent, I am compromising luxury for family. The resort is gorgeous and luxurious so you really feel like your on a beautiful vacation. The kids' pool is one of the best, with 3 full-size slides for the big kids, and a large pool area with water level only 1 feet deep or so, and perfect for the little ones to play in the water to keep cool without having to worry about the depth. They also boost a gorgeous kids club with a ton of play options and video games for bigger kids. Warning, your child will find the Ice Cream parlour on day one, and every day after that. Thank goodness for the gourmet coffee they served there as well.

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Holiday Inn Sunspree

I have a 2-year-old, but I also have 2 grown-up daughters. Yeah me!!! When my girls were younger, this was the place I use to take them. It was affordable, and it had incredible facilities and amenities for the kids. If you have four, five or six kids, don’t worry, bring them all. As long as they are under 12, they get to stay and play for free at Holiday in Sunspree. One of the newest additions to the Holiday Inn room selection is a “Kids Suite” which is pretty much a room within a room. So your kids get to be with you but still feel like they have their own private space or better yet, you do ;)  They have an amazing kids club that accepts children from as early as 6 months old. The kids will love the fact that adjacent the Kids Club there is “Just Kidin”, which is a dining area dedicated to just the kids, with all their favourite meals, snacks and tasty treats. This hotel is located in Rose Hall Montego Bay which is just about 20 minutes from the airport. Add that to the fact that they recently renovated their facilities and you will find more than enough reason to book your next family vacation at Holiday Inn Sunspree.

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Moon Palace

Palace Resorts has a world-renowned reputation for their luxurious properties and high-end service. However, what stood out to me most during my stay at the Moon Palace resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, was how amazing their Kid’s centre was. There was a small theatre room with karaoke, arcade games, craft areas, mini size kitchen where they cater lunches and a jungle gym that is 2 levels high, fully padded and with the coolest of activities to do and play on. There is also a gated splash pad and outdoor area. My only negative is your child must be 4 and over to be left with the staff in the kids club, so I spent hours with my 3-year-old playing inside with him, which was fun for us both. Another great feature for the kids is the FOOD! Your kids will love the variety and could never get bored with the selections available. The staff was friendly, and the grounds were spotless. We loved our stay at Moon Palace, and I would definitely recommend bringing your kids to the palace if it is something you are considering.

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