Away from the track: Usain Bolt's home life

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, talks to Mark Bailey about domestic life – from renovating his Kingston home to his plans to build a dream house in Jamaica.

I have been busy renovating my house in Jamaica. The place is looking pretty cool. I live in Kingston which is good because I train nearby at the University of the West Indies with Racers Track Club. I have changed a few things, put a few new things in and mixed it all up a little. 

I wasn’t sure whether to just buy a completely new house. This house was already built when I bought it so it’s kind of fixed. Some friends were saying I should build something from new but I like where I am now because I can have people over and have big parties, and the neighbours don’t have a problem with the loud music. They don’t come knocking on the door screaming, ‘Turn that music down!’ In some neighbourhoods people are really strict about noise and stuff so I have stayed where I am and just renovated instead. It was the right idea. 

My house has a pretty simple design really: five bedrooms, a nice garden with lots of fruit trees and space for my cars. I have installed a new Jacuzzi to chill out in and I now have a heated swimming pool. The pool was always too cold so I didn’t use it much, so it will be much better now. 

It’s just a great place to chill out, relax, unwind – no stressing. I have cleaners and a chef to do all the hard stuff so I can just relax. 

The main room is the games room where I play all my video...... Continue Reading

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